Madhavi Desai Consulting Pvt. Ltd is India’s first and the leading education consulting firm. It was founded by MADHAVI DESAI in 1989. It was the first professional organization that envisioned a complete guidance for students who want to study abroad.

MADHAVI DESAI completed her formal education with a full scholarship at Purdue University in the United States in 1989. Her Master’s Degree in Industrial Sociology focussed on America’s Japanese automobile industry. In 1989 Madhavi had the honor of being invited by the Greenwood Press, New York to publish her thesis in their textbook “The Politics of Industrial Recruitment”.

While doing her Master’s in the United States, Madhavi was astonished to find several American born Indian students who were not entirely certain why they had selected a particular college over another. Besides meeting several students from India in the same boat, there were students from other Asian countries also who were uncertain about their choice of college! Madhavi was quick to realize that Indians back home were very vulnerable to choosing inappropriate colleges. What made it worse was the fact there were several who did not receive scholarships due the lack of awareness.

In the summer of 1989, upon her return to Bombay, Madhavi saw a dramatic increase in the number of students wanting to study in the US. Thus was born India’s first international education counselling service.