Happy Students

  • “Hi …… Things are going well for me out here.(knock on wood) I completed my MS in 2004 and got a job in California as soon as I graduated. Going to Cleveland St U Ohio given the university's rank might not have been an achievement but it helped me a lot. I never had any issues related to universities tier or ranking. That school was a good match for me as I had very little computer science background. I don't recall telling you that after first semester I got lucky and got funding which paid for my tuition fee. We should keep in touch and if you ever have anything where I can help feel free to send me an email…..”

    – Regards Piyush

  • “Hello Elvira mam, Greetings....first of all apologies for not getting back to you after my visa approval. Secondly i reached Texas Tech university last week. i want to give a feedback for madhvi desai consultancy and for you too as you were my mentor during my whole application process. so is there a form to be filled or should i mail it to you it self. in addition tot that, i would like to thank you for always guiding me in the right manner and especially answering to my silliest doubts with patience. thanks you very much. hope to get a positive reply from you.”

    – Regards, Chaitanya Patel

  • “Our particular thanks goes to you (Ms. Vaishali Padekar)- who had been guiding force all along our journey so far. We remember that you had been even responding to Mr. Naved's mail though you were on leave. Your replying to Mr. Naved's need / queries in time had given a good comfort not only to Naved but to his Parents as well, in guiding him in time. I therefore thought it would be appropriate OPPORTUNITY to thank and appreciate your kind support. I also thank M/s. Sharon & Rachel as well as Ms. Madhavi Desai. ”

    – Warm Regards,Kazi N A

  • "Hi Binita, As you are aware, Dharti has got her US visa and she is planning to leave by end of month. I, on behalf of, Dharti's Mother and sister would like to thank you for all the assistance and guidance. I would proudly refer anyone who aspires to go for the higher studies at US. Thanks once again!!"

    – Thanks and Regards, darshan

  • “Hello Ma'm, I am leaving today for IIT Chicago for my Masters. I just wanted to thank you for all the support, guidance and advice you have provided me during this entire process. In particular, thanks a million for the confidence I got whilst preparing the visa questions with you. ”

    – Regards C P. Mansukhani

  • “Dear Ms. Desai, I wuld lilke to inform u, i am really satisfied with service given to me by Aparna Madam, in sending all application forms to universities for my son Chirag who is applying for his MS. She has been of great help to me in seeing that Chirag's admission form go in time & correctly. Anytime i disturbed her, she has reverted asap & solved all my queries. Reg Shahani”

    – Regards Shahani

  • "Hello Ma'm, I am leaving today for IIT Chicago for my Masters. I just wanted to thank you for all the support, guidance and advice you have provided me during this entire process. In particular, thanks a million for the confidence I got whilst preparing the visa questions with you."

    – Regards Chandresh P. Mansukhani

  • “Dear Sherry, I must begin by thanking you for the guidance you guys provided during the entire visa application. Even though i loved the info provided and found it useful too; what i liked most about your center is your professionalism.As a doctor, I work in an extremely time bound schedule and expect the person in front of me to respect his own as well as my time commitments. I hardly find this in India, and it was great to find this attitude working in Madhavidesai…..”

    – Dr. Tanmay 2007

  • “Hii Glivin, I am in Denver right now . Thank you for whatever you have done for me .My Inbox is full of your emails .That itself explains everything . You have been in touch whenever I needed .If it hadn't been for your help I would have never been here . You had the patience to listen to me . As a matter of fact nobody else has . Thank you once again for your help ”

    – Regards Sushant Poojari

  • "Dear Iris and Sharon, I am at a total loss for words to express my sincere thanks for all the assistance both of you have given to Carmen and myself in securing College admission in the US. I know without your assistance, we would not have achieved this. Sorry I have been silent after returning from India, but this has been because of the pressures at work. Thanks again and I shall definitely look you up when I am in India next. Do pass on my thanks and regards to Madhavi too, and we shall certainly remember you in our prayers."

    – Warm Regards and God Bless! Margaret (2004)

  • “Dear Madame Sharon Basakji and other MDC team members, My daughter Dr.FORAM SHAH has been progressing well in the direction of her academic goals at NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY- DEKALB U.S.A. She had left india during December 2006. She is pursuing Master of public health, successfully. She is also appearing for USMLE STEPS simultaneously. We are very much thankful to yourself & your Mumbai Baroda team members for the support/guidance provided to her and also the specific personal interest taken into her admission & visa processing. Thank you once again."


  • “Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for ur advice....i have the visa just because of the perfect counselling i got frm you. my interview was WAY TOO EASY.... the questions asked were exactly the same which had been asked by you. it looked as if the VO had already made his mind to grant me a visa.maybe it was because of the confidence reflecting on my face as I had been thru 3 mocks thanking u once again." UNCLE SAM here i come~!!!!!
  • "Hey Nilofer, How are you ? I am fine and right now in Mumbai. I have finished the first semester and have taken a semester off due to personal reasons, will be going back in summer now. I thank you for sending me to an awesome university. I would recommend each and every student to think about Syracuse university...its excellent. Though my course was 100 times more hectic than my imagination ,i had no time from day one to the last day to even say hi to anybody but still it was an amazing experience...loved it .My course and professor are too good ,even IM ,TNM ...these courses are really good ,these student have got internships on career fairs on campus in companies like KPMG, Ernst and Young, JP Morgan with excellent stipends. Please suggest your future students to go to Syracuse ,they will have no regrets. Let me know if you want to know anything else."

    – Warm Regards, Anumeet

  • "Hello Iris After I finished my MBA at Baruch in 1995, I worked in the US and Canada for 5-6 years. Then, I moved to Switzerland. I will be here at least until December. Then, i plan to move back to Mumbai. I would like to thank Madhavi and since I was going to a second tier program, school selection was very important."

    – Regards Dipen (2003)

  • "Hi Iris, Sorry about forgetting you guys after reaching US. The MBA program has just been crazy. In fact right now i am nearing the end of my first semester. The College is great and i am having a lot of fun. Thanks for helping me out. What's up with you in Mumbai? Busy as usual? Say my hi to Binita. She was a great help to me. If it wasn't for you both I wouldn't be here. My email address for life is so you guys can email me on that one. If any of your students wants any advice or help on College of William and Mary just ask them to email me and i will try to answer their questions. Rest everything is fine. Lets keep in touch.Take care."

    – Regards, Abhishek Malhotra

  • "Dear Madhavi, Hi. I don't know if you remember me. I am Jayant Pai's daughter. I sought your counseling services in 1998 before heading out to Knox College for my undergraduate studies. Well, I graduated from Knox in 2002, after which I completed my Masters in 2005 and PhD in 2008 in Sociology from Florida State University. I am currently working as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Kent State University. The reason for writing this e-mail is to thank you profusely for all your help and advice during my struggle to reach United States. As I revisit time, I realize that I owe much of what I have today to all those who encouraged my efforts, supported my goals, and helped me realize my dreams. You are most definitely one of them and I very genuinely appreciate all that you did for me.Thank you, Best"

    – Manacy Pai, PhD Assistant Professor

  • "Dear Jovita, I have received my VISA already. Thank You for all your time and help. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me."

    – Deepali Gupta Fall 2008

  • "Hi, I am in California. I have registered in CSUN. Thank you for helping me through my application procedure and providing me useful information. It was great guidance. I will definitely keep in touch Thank you and Neela once again."

    – Kunal Patil 2008

  • "Hi Nicole How are you?..After getting the visas I had called you in the office as well but you were busy in a meeting. At the consulate I had to wait for 2 and a half hrs but the interview was for just 5 mins..He asked me about the course that I was pursuing,in general, who will finance the amount over and bove the scholarship amount, he thoroughly checked dad's passbook, asked abt my parents' professions and that where does my bro live and his profession. it was a breezer..!! Almost everybody got the VISA before me so I was quite chilled..but Nicole thanks a lot for everything..you have really been helpful with everything and I am so happy I decided to go for Madhvi Desai Consultancy. I am leaving on 26th Nit via Lufthansa. Will first go to my bro's place in Chicago and then he will drop me off to Syracuse around Aug 12. Anyway I will keep in touch with you and once again thanks for everything. Bye"

    – Manasi Shah Fall 2008

  • "Dear Nicole, I was in touch with you in connection with my daughter's admission and her Visa. As you are aware she has already got Visa and getting ready for the course. Any further help she will always look towards you. I am very grateful to the Madhavidesai institution and To you in particular. Your Guidance was excellent and very professional and was very very useful for the entire process that was involved in getting to this stage. I am sure we would not have been able to go this far without your help. Thank you very much for all the help. Your organisation is definitely very helpful and ever-willing to help students at every stage. I wish your organisation very best and surly I will recommend to any one seeking such help.Once again thank you very much."

    – J P Sharma Fall 2006