An MBA class is a swirl of dissimilar people and philosophies...

Take comfort in knowing the MBA classroom will have it all, undergraduates from – humanities, engineering, science, computer science, pharmacy, medicine and this varied mix is a successful class! This diversity both shapes and drives incredible opportunities for learning.

We sure are in an era where many of our ways of doing things need to change and are going to continue to change…luckily in that sense an MBA is eternal and still evolving! MBA graduates give evidence of the changing landscape brought on by globalization.

Now and going forward you can be sure that major companies throughout the world would hire the kind of young leaders produced in the best business schools and that demand will only continue to grow.

While the MBA coursework can be tough – you will learn so much more. Very uniquely and inspiringly the MBA course is more focused on what happens outside of the classroom than in it. So gear up for team projects, case studies, group discussions, presentations, internships --- Action learning!

Our Counselling Services include:

  • Profile and Resume Building
  • University Research and Short listing to meet your goals
  • Guiding you every step of the way through the Application milestones
  • Guidance on Visa Procedures

MBA Applicants Engage us for the following benefits:

  • Effective COST - Your investment in our services is 0.5% of your total investment
  • Prestigious COLLEGES - 50% of our students have secured admissions in the Top 50 schools
  • CUSTOMIZED Approach - We customize the selection of universities to meet your needs
  • MAXIMIZE CHANCES - We maximize chances of securing admissions for diverse profile of students

Our Success speaks for itself:

  • 100% of our Business Applicants obtain admissions
  • This year 50% of students obtained admission into the Top 50 b-school in the USA
  • In the last 2 years 35% of students obtain admission into the Top B-schools Worldwide
  • 50% of our MBA students obtain university scholarship/student loans on admissions
  • 100% of our Business Applicants obtain their Visas