Profile Building

Having sent over twenty four thousand students in 25 years we know that having a solid and effective resume improves your chances for college admissions tremendously.

For students looking at applying for Undergraduate Degrees, profile building should start typically from Grade 7 onwards and can continue to the end of Grade 11 for college/university bound students.

For students looking at applying for MBA’s and other Master’s Degrees, profile building should start immediately after Grade 12 onwards and continue to the penultimate year of your undergraduate degree.

Our counselling service includes:

  • An evaluation of your current profile
  • Creating a framework to meet your goals, with defined achievement milestones
  • Regular meetings to evaluate and assess if your profile building needs to change trajectory or stay on course
  • Evaluating what extra curricular activities to stay focused on and what to drop
  • Discussing Curriculum choices for Grades 8 to 11
  • Advice about Selecting Subjects
  • Planning Standardized Test schedules